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A one-act playscript. A man (or woman) wakes up in a mysterious place. Armed with a body and guided by a voice from above, our hero attempts to make sense of their life. This puzzle of a play is an exciting exploration of what it means to be human. Your dreams become reality as your reality becomes fiction.

1 gender-neutral performer who appears on stage
1 gender-neutral performer who performs only in voiceover

A two-act playscript. Seth Robbins has developed a new weapon of mass destruction. With the help of a suicidal flight attendant and a well connected charlatan, he sets out to kill the President. This choose-your-own-adventure play follows three mismatched revolutionaries whose lives gain purpose through their quest to assassinate their leader.

Originally produced at the Unconvention: An American Theatre Festival during the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, Kill the President is a fast paced adventure where democracy reins and every vote counts. Audience members are polled and their votes directly influence the direction of the play. Should capital punishment be legal? How far should civil disobedience go? Is killing another human being ever acceptable? One play. Five Questions. Unlimited possibilities. What happens in the end? You decide!

4 male actors
2 to 3 female actors

A one-act playscript. The ghosts of the Jazz Age come home to haunt in this experimental work.

A crazed musician in a silver top hat plays a macabre tune at a piano that also serves as a coffin. Out of his deadly instrument emerge the ghosts of a golden age: Zelda, Scott, Hemingway, Sara Murphy and Dorothy Parker. This expressionistic work makes a bold departure from the romantic sentiment generally associated with the Jazz Age and explores instead the jealousies, the personal tragedies and the madness.

This nightmarish dreamscape will surely baffle audience members with little knowledge of expatriate Paris of the 1920s, but for those in the know, it’s a disturbing meditation of great lives gone sour.

3 male actors
4 female actors

A one-act playscript. Explore the politics of protest through a stylized and highly physical collection of scenarios from the Yippie movement. Founded in 1967, the Yippies turned political angst and protest into theater through such stunts as dropping dollar bills on the Stock Exchange and levitating the Pentagon. Things turn violent in the summer of 1968 during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago where “sit ins” are replaced by Molotov Cocktails.

YIPPIE! asks the question: What are you willing to sacrifice for the revolution?

“Kinetic and freewheeling, The Beggars Group production of “Do It!”, based on Rubin’s 1969 manifesto, “Do It! Scenarios of the Revolution,” captures the controversies, the excesses, and the best of the period.”  - Jane Hogan, BackStage

3 male actors
3 female actors
1 gender neutral